Helicopter Information

Helicopter Pilot’s Guide


The purpose of this helicopter pilot guide is to provide consistent routes and guidance for VFR helicopters within the vicinity of the Chester County/G.O. Carlson Airport and the surrounding areas; as well as to help maintain a peaceful environment for our neighbors.

Sikorsky Hover Operations from Heliplex to Chester County Airport

1 Earhart Drive, 
Suite 2, 
Coatesville, PA 19320
Phone: 610-383-6057


• Helicopter traffic shall follow a left-hand pattern for both Runways 11 & 29 arrivals.

• No hover taxi operations shall be conducted along Taxiway ’A’ or the parking apron.

• For Noise Abatement reasons, pilots should avoid flying directly over the highlighted areas on the adjacent aerial image. map

• Runway 29 departures shall fly the Runway 29 noise abatement departure route.

• Transient Helicopters: Contact the FBO in advance for parking instructions (610-384-9000 or UNICOM 122.70).